Portfolio Update for November 2012

My discount brokerage issued my November statement today, which means it is time to see how I stacked up against the benchmarks. Holdings for this period are BCE Inc, Calian Techologies, CCL Industries, Davis & Henderson, High Liner Foods, iShares DEX Universe Bond Index, iShares S&P/TSX Capped Composite, and Manulife. The below focuses only on my Canadian margin portfolio; since moving to a new investment model I have yet to go back and evaluate performance for the US margin or TFSA portfolios.

Nov-12 Margin CAD XIC XIU Global Couch Potato Complete Couch Potato Complete Couch Potato
Month 3.48% (1.68%) (1.68%) 0.41% (0.53%) 0.08%
YTD 12.12% 4.61% 5.27% 9.01% 3.59% 5.84%

Margin CAD Monthly Returns 2012-11
Margin CAD YTD Returns 2012-11

Since I dumped Bombardier in October, and picked up some CCL and CTY on leverage, the portfolio has been doing very well. The big winner is still High Liner Foods (HLF.TO) which is up over 85% since I first purchased it a few years back. Overall, I’m pretty happy that I am beating every index I track against (XIC, XIU, and the three Potato portfolios), even taking into account the interest I am paying on margin. Unless something disastrous happens in December, this year is shaping up to be much better than 2011.

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